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Clifton Henri


Chicago, IL





Coming Soon

Artist Bio

My practice is heavily rooted in identity, under representation and self-declaration. Intentionally focusing on portraits of Black and Brown people and the environments they live in, I visually illustrate and narrate the African diaspora using my own personal experiences and feelings as fuel.

Through my own upbringing and experiences as an African-American, I am deeply drawn to and often in conflict with the idea of “BELONGING”, within my own community, as an American and as a Human. This journey is particularly reflective, soul-searching and takes you down a path of defining moments that happen in the “everyday” that I then document through my photography. This practice is where I both interpret and celebrate my Blackness, Humanity & Wildest Dreams. This journey has helped me define my place in the world and take more definitive stances on how I want to culturally, ethnically and individually be seen.

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