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Rachel Dory


Austin, TX 


Mixed Media



Artist Bio: "My art examines the “in-between” along the American roadside.

These places are familiar to us all; our companions as we travel from one destination to another. Lonely as they may seem, roadside scenes and objects serve as a common language and help us connect and understand one another.

Each piece I create documents a real location that compelled me to stop the car and take another look. While onside I sketch, take notes and shoot photographs. These later serve as reference materials when I sit down in my studio.

I use many layers and materials as I paint, building up and scraping away to drill down to the core experience. My intent throughout the process from first sight to final stroke is to unlock the mysteries of the location, answer the questions that it poses, and provide an opportunity for others to do the same.

A finished work can take weeks, months, or years to complete. I note the latitude and longitude of each location, and many can be revisited virtually via Google Maps street view.

Each piece is meant to serve as a doorway to our own unique stories and memories.

I feel that my work has succeeded when a person approaches and begins,

“This reminds me of the time…”"

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