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Ron Purvis


Damascus, OR 





"I’ve been working with wood across many different crafts for 30 years. When I started exploring woodturning, I discovered a form that allowed me to introduce a much greater degree of creativity and flexibility into my work than I had found in furniture making, toy creation, and construction. I found a method requiring me to watch and react to the wood. I enjoy the act of accepting input from the wood and modifying my interaction with the material, which results in a unique piece derived from collaboration with the wood.

I first turn the wood on a lathe and carve it into shape with chisels. I like the challenge of working at extreme ends of the spectrum – either very large rounds that are unbalanced and require slow rotations, or turning symmetrical pieces very thin, typically down to 1/8 of an inch thick and carving with intricate detail. Voids are created by hand using a high-speed dental drill. Black texture is added through stippling using a wire-tipped wood burner. In some cases, I’ll add paint or metal leaf for additional color and character. Depending on the size and complexity, the time to complete a piece varies between 8 – 60 hours."

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