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Ronna Katz


Albuquerque, NM






Artist Bio: "Around the age of five, Ronna Katz began painting (on walls) and has never really stopped. She's a 2nd-generation art fair artist exposed to art shows as a youngster while helping her parents at art and craft events throughout New England. On snow days, when school was cancelled, her dad would bring her to New York City to visit the Guggenheim Museum or the Museum of Modern Art. She took long pauses from art to study nutrition biochemistry, to obtain an MBA and to work corporate jobs, then in 2001 Ronna committed to being a full-time artist.

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Marquette, Michigan Ronna draws her inspiration and palette from the subtle colors of the southwest landscape as well as from the serenity and power of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Her monotypes, monoprints, and paintings reflect a fascination with the human form, animals, the landscape and the abstraction of these subjects.

She is a printmaker and painter who prefers working in oil; She builds up layers of paint using brushes and brayers. Pencil is drawn in the final layer and this mark-making reads almost as a subtle language.
Symbols are incorporated into her paintings. Her abstract series “Start Something New” depicts fun and celebration for example, polka dots or groups of circles will symbolize happiness or a party for three reasons 1) the feeling of effervescence as in champagne bubbles 2) exuberance or celebration as in confetti, and 3) uplifting as in balloons. "

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