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Rosa Murillo & Ruben Lopez


Huntersville, NC 





"Muro Jewelry is the brainchild of Rosa Murillo and Ruben Lopez, a creative duo comprising a wife and husband. Together, they design and produce one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces using an array of materials, including reclaimed wood, textiles, metals, and eco-resin.

Their artistic perspective draws from Rosa's background as an architect and painter and Ruben's expertise with pigments and materials. By combining their unique skill sets and employing a dynamic creative approach, they craft striking, well-balanced, and unexpected pieces of wearable art that are utterly distinctive and impeccably finished.

The couple places a high value on minimizing their environmental footprint and employs natural and repurposed components in their production process. They constantly experiment with eco-friendly resins, crushed stones, reclaimed wood, textile threads, and a wide range of natural pigments, all of which contribute to their creative process."

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