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Ryan Kvande


Thornton, CO 





"This mesmerizing collection of moving wooden wall sculptures are the brainchild of award-winning artist, Ryan Kvande. His kinetic pieces can be found in private and public collections across the globe. The hypnotic designs are conceptualized in his mind by visualizing moving shapes and lines. Each sculpture is captivating when spun by hand, unfolding in constant changing patterns. Watching it is like getting lost staring into a campfire.

Every piece is conceptualized and handmade by Ryan Kvande. He draws his designs onto Baltic Birch wood, then cuts them out with a scroll saw, rounds the edges with a router and finishes the final shaping with a belt sander. Each part must be meticulously measured using a laser-accurate drill press to help achieve the level of precision needed. The entire piece is then re-sanded by hand. It’s colored with dye instead of stain because it penetrates deeper into the wood and brings out the grain detail. Lastly, it is finished with Tung oil to bring out the wood grain even more. Every sculpture is equipped with instrument-grade, stainless steel sealed bearings to help achieve the longest spin times possible. Although his sculptures are mesmerizing when in movement, they are stunning when still on the wall. Each piece is unique in wood grain and its natural way it comes to a stop. Run time is based on weight and goes for up to 30 minutes. Pieces range from 31” to 40” in diameter with a 5” depth.

Finding his true niche as an artist, Ryan Kvande has created a breathtakingly unique collection of kinetic sculptures. ""I value bringing what once only existed in my mind to reality and sharing it with people,” says Ryan, “I wish that experience upon everyone. I hope you enjoy my imagination as much as I do.”

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