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Sharon Tesser


Cape Coral, FL


Fiber - Non-Wearable



Artist Bio: I am an artist who uses images to tell stories without words. The work begins with a single charcoal line, unadulterated and powerful, it is the backbone of what I create. I seek simplicity while rejoicing in the complexities of life. The tranquility of a cup of tea and a good book speak to my soul. Laughter in the air, a whispered conversation and a fallen petal are all components of a perfect day. My work celebrates the power of a single captured moment. The life balance of finding serenity in a very busy world is an ever-present challenge for all of us. Layered fabric enhances the depth of the imagery and represents the fiber of living. The creation of each piece is symbolic of our collective humanity; one of frayed edges and messy seams. Allow the artwork to beckon you closer and immerse yourself in the layers of magic.

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