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Thomas Tyers


Omena, MI





Artist Bio: Thomas Tyers is a native of Oshkosh, now living in Omro, Wisconsin. He has been carving wildfowl for 51 years. Throughout his career as a woodcarver he has won over 200 awards through-out the United States and Canada. The most prestigious being 3 best in category at the World Championships in Ocean City Maryland. He has done over 1000 pieces in his time as a carver, starting with miniature decoys given as gifts to family and friends to full size birds such as Red-Tailed Hawks and Snowy Egrets. He learned to carve from an Oshkosh native John Ryan who was taught by Frank Strey, also an Oshkosh native, who was a famous Lake Winnebago decoy carver. In 1991and 2016 he was featured along with the works of John James Audubon at the Paine Art Center of Oshkosh. In 2014 he was featured on the Wisconsin Public Television program “Wisconsin Life”

His work now is focusing in a new direction, trying to show the skill and beauty in displaying just one feather. The feathers are carved from Basswood and painted in acrylics. His works are in the collections of President, Jimmy Carter. Noted biologist, Dr. Jane Goodall, Dr. George Archibald the founder of the International Crane Foundation.

Artist Statement: All work is hand carved using Basswood. Hand painted in acrylic and oils using various techniques. I make and matte all my own frames.

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