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2023 Featured Artist

Jenna Brownlee is a Des Moines, Iowa native, painter and muralist. After studying multiple mediums of art at the Des Moines Art Center, she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Entrepreneurship Certificate from the University of Iowa. She worked as graphic designer for 10 years and is now a full-time, independent artist. She is represented by Liz Lidgett Gallery + Design, offers commissions and has painted over 40 murals in 20 cities throughout Iowa. Spot Jenna’s designs on brands like Better Homes & Gardens, Allrecipes and Papyrus. 

Jenna creates concepts that enliven spaces and serve community needs. She aims to show how women can have an impact and gain success through expressive art and demonstrate that art is an integral, powerful and experiential tool that unifies, energizes and beautifies our communities.  


Jenna is drawn to flowers as a subject for her work for their many layers, texture and symbolism of growth, resilience and positivity. Jenna's work is an exploration of bold color, contrast, depth and movement through refined brushwork. With a mission to make people happy through art, her work is often inspired by collages of organic shapes found in nature with uplifting themes using vibrant colors, botanicals and florals.  


When Jenna isn't in her home-studio, you can find her in her garden with her husband (Jack), daughter (Elle) and her son (Ben) with a cup of coffee and a good book in-hand. 

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The 2023 Des Moines Arts Festival Commemorative Poster is titled Garden Party by Jenna Brownlee.


A collage of Iowa native prairie plants and flowers including pale purple coneflower, rattlesnake master, wood lily, prairie rose, fire pink, virginia bluebells, purple coneflower, spring beauty, everlasting pea, plains tickseed and wild geranium.  

The poster is available for purchase from our online store.

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