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2024 Featured Artist

Andy Fletcher

Andy Fletcher is on a mission to preserve the landscapes of the Midwest. A native of Waukesha, Wisconsin, located outside of Milwaukee, Fletcher grew up watching the rural landscapes around him become roads, subdivisions, businesses, and homes. The constant change in landscapes made a mark on him and inspired him to preserve what he could through art.


Fletcher’s grandmother, his personal hero, is credited for teaching him to draw. He went to college for art, eventually earning a master's degree. He taught art for many years while also selling his work at art shows, a practice he’s continued for over 30 years.


Fletcher met his wife, fellow artist, Katie Musloff, at an open figure drawing session or as they say, “we met drawing naked people.” About ten years ago they bought a cabin on the Mississippi River across from Lansing, Iowa, and he began to paint the landscapes of northeast Iowa. More recently, the couple purchased a farm north of Milwaukee, which he uses as a studio, and is in the process of building the “Painting is Dead Gallery”. 


Fletcher paints from life. He travels to locations and creates small paintings or sketches the landscape, jotting down notes on what he observes. He prefers to paint plein air (i.e. outdoors) as it makes him feel healthy and exhausted at the same time.

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Wayward Shadows - Jackson County, Iowa   

The 2024 Des Moines Arts Festival® Commemorative Poster is a rural landscape of Jackson County, Iowa, by Wisconsin artist Andy Fletcher. The original oil painting features a vast picturesque Iowa farm nestled along the Mississippi River in Northeast Iowa. Andy’s paintings preserve his passion for Midwest landscapes after watching those same landscapes become roads, subdivisions, businesses, and homes during his childhood.  

Festival guests may purchase the 2024 Commemorative Poster at the Festival Shop on-site during the Des Moines Arts Festival, June 28-30. They will be available framed and unframed.

2024 poster

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