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Interactive Arts

Throughout the Festival, guests of all ages have the opportunity to get creative and hands-on with art, music, dance and more! These activities can be found throughout the Festival site and in the Creative Zone.

The Billboard Mural Project

The Billboard Mural Project presented by Athene is a giant interactive art experience where Festival guests contribute to the creation of a large mural over the three days of the Festival. Guests entering the art activity area will receive one small square image of the original painting, a blank panel and the opportunity to transfer their interpretation of the small square onto the larger. When finished, the panels are affixed into a billboard-sized frame, piece by piece.

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Suspended 30 feet high from their all-electric bucket truck, MidAmerican Energy Company presents BOOM ART, an Interactive Mural Project. Taking our fascination with doodling to a whole new level, join other festival guests as you illustrate our unique pattern design and watch as the finished mural rises above the streets during the three-day festival.


Spin Art

Join Prairie Meadows and the Altoona Lions Club to create your newest masterpiece from everyone’s favorite art pastime.

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Creative Zone Activities

hosted by non-profit organizations participating in the
Community Outreach Program, sponsored by MidAmerican Energy

  • Paint plantable, flower seed paper. Kids will choose from biodegradable paint colors to paint words, images, or designs on their very own plantable seed paper! They can take their project home with them or leave it with us to be planted in our community garden pollinator area where signage will explain where the flowers came from.

  • Create seed balls as part of the Blank Park Zoo Plant.Grow.Fly conservation initiative. These balls are made of organic clay and contain native Iowa prairie seeds that can be planted to create more habitat for Iowa pollinators.

  • Rock painting that inspires through positive messaging! Leave your creation in a park or on your dresser for daily motivation.

  • Create a public art project made out of legos!

  • Use craft materials to make and decorate paper instruments!

  • Create a virtual chorus!  Children and families sing a song and it'll be recorded live. At the end of the Festival, the recording will be fashioned into a virtual choir piece that will live on indefinitely.

  • Children will create pause bracelets, using three green beads to represent an ellipsis, as a reminder to pause and center yourself.

  • Get a quick mini dance lesson or create your own dancing puppet!

  • Turn trash into treasure by creating musical instruments with soda cans, TP rolls, laundry detergent bottles, and more! Participate in a song writing exercise to think outside the box by writing a song from random words drawn from a hat.

  • Anime creations. Add your favorites accessories to a anime figure!
    Victorian Bookmark. Use Victorian images (advertisements, letters, flowers, etc.) to create a vintage bookmark.

  • Create a public art piece! Participants will color a small square which will be added to the giant color-by-number.

  • Create origami birds using various colored and patterned paper.  The birds will be hung from a canopy of tree branches to create a unique room full of birds.

  • Get groovy and move through a fabric design structure and become warriors for the Earth.

  • Participate in a “What is your WHY” interactive sticky note art wall.  Children will also be able to make a memory box from a small cardboard box, to save notes or small items.

  • Explore the properties of shapes by investigating angles, sides and dimensions to understand how a triangle compares to a pyramid. Using various materials to create shapes and then dip them into bubble solution to see if you can make a square bubble.

  • See what your voice sounds like with the Chrome Music Lab Spectrogram.  Participants will walk away with a picture of their voice.

Interested in engaging our audience with your creative interactive arts activity?

Click HERE to find out more about sponsorship.

Click HERE to find out more about the Community Outreach Program.

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