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Throughout the Festival, guests of all ages have the opportunity to get creative and hands-on with art, music, dance and more! These activities can be found throughout the Festival site and in the Creative Zone.

The Mural Project

The Mural Project presented by Athene is a giant interactive art experience where Festival guests contribute to the creation of a large mural over the three days of the Festival. Guests entering the art activity area will receive one small square image of the original painting, a blank panel and the opportunity to transfer their interpretation of the small square onto the larger. When finished, the panels are affixed into a billboard-sized frame, piece by piece.

This year's artwork, Together We Flourish by Emma Parker, was created in collaboration with ArtForce Iowa and youth in Des Moines Public Schools and the Latinos in Action programs at East High School and Roosevelt High School. It is presented as two halves called "Day" and "Night". Each shows flowers representing the heritage and ethnicity at the aforementioned schools, along with the youth-centered values reflecting hope, unity, inclusivity, and place. After the Festival, the Murals will be permanently installed at East High School and Roosevelt High School.

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Suspended 30 feet high from their all-electric bucket truck, MidAmerican Energy Company presents BOOM ART, an Interactive Mural Project. Taking our fascination with doodling to a whole new level, join other festival guests as you illustrate our unique pattern design and watch as the finished mural rises above the streets during the three-day festival.



Spin Art

Join Prairie Meadows and the Altoona Lions Club to create your newest masterpiece from everyone’s favorite art pastime.


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Interested in engaging our audience with your creative interactive arts activity?

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