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Non-Profit Partner Programs

In alignment with the Festival's core values, the non-profit partner programs promote meaningful collaboration to impact and strengthen our community.

Beverage Partners

The inclusion of the non-profit beverage partner program began in 2009 as another method of giving back to local non-profits organizations while supporting the Festival infrastructure needs. Partners are selected to manage the Festival's beverage stations through an application process. In exchange for the volunteer support provided by the organization, they each received 15% of net profit from the station they manage, plus any tips collected. Profits earned by these organizations have supported various community and art initiatives - from field trips to performances to an accessible ropes course build.

2023 partners included Community Youth Concepts, Cowles Montessori Parents Group, Des Moines Music Coalition, and Perkins Elementary PTA. Over $42,000 were earned by the organizations from the 2023 festival.

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Beverage Partner applications for the 2024 festival are open through December 15. Learn more here.

Sustainability Partners

The Des Moines Arts Festival is committed to reduce, reuse, recycle, and repurpose - with environmentally friendly initiatives and a little creativity during the three day festival. Our organization collaborates with Urban Ambassadors, experts in the field of environmental impact, as well as Friends of Central Iowa Trails to manage the on-site bike valet.

Urban Ambassadors volunteers also sort all the redeemable recyclables on-site. They are then sent to a redemption center and the funds raised are matched by the Festival. 

Friends of Central Iowa Trails keep bikes safe while guests attend the Festival. They use the tips earned from the Festival to steward the trail system in Central Iowa.

In 2023, 378 bikes were valeted and we were able to divert 2.03 tons of recyclable and compostable materials from the landfill. 

Beverage Partner applications for the 2024 festival open this fall.

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