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2024 VIP Experience

Welcome to the 2024 VIP Guide for Patrons and Sponsors accessing the Silent Rivers VIP Club. 

If you are interested in becoming a Festival Patron, please click here.

The VIP Club is sponsored by:


Where is the Silent Rivers VIP Club?

The Silent Rivers VIP Club is located on 12th St. between Locust St. and Grand Ave. It faces the Hy-Vee Main Stage. The VIP Club entrance is closer to Grand Ave.

The Will Call is located at the entrance of the VIP Club.

What do I need to enter the Silent Rivers VIP Club?

First you need a ticket. The ticket MUST correspond the with the date or be a "Good Any One Day" pass. A ticket is REQUIRED for entry for every guest ages 10 and over.

At the VIP Club entrance you'll exchange your ticket for a daily wristband. There are TWO complimentary drink tickets attached to the wristband. These are only valid at the VIP Club bar.

Once you have the daily wristband you can enter and exit the VIP Club by showing your wristband to our volunteer attendants. 

The wristband is only good for the day. A new wristband must be issued each day.

What amenities are at the Silent Rivers VIP Club?

The Silent Rivers VIP Club features the following amenities:

  • Terrace seating

  • Private bar with discounted beverages

  • Lite culinary fare from Gateway Market, replenished throughout the day until 8 p.m.

  • Air-conditioned bathroom facilities

  • Complimentary package hold

  • Exclusive programming including meet and greets with exhibiting artists

What other benefits can I receive as a Festival VIP?

Two complimentary drink tickets will be attached to your daily wristband. Those are only valid at the bar located inside the Silent Rivers VIP Club. 

All food and beverage locations have an Express Lane service line. Use that line and show your wristband for express service.

Where is VIP Parking?

You must have a VIP Parking Pass to access the VIP Parking. These are only issued with select VIP packages.

The VIP Parking lot is located at the intersection of 12th St. and Walnut St. with the entrance located off Walnut St. Please show your ticket to the VIP Parking volunteers for entry. Your ticket is good all weekend!


If you have additional questions, please contact Colleen at

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