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Artist Demonstrations

Join us throughout the weekend of the Festival to watch, learn, and create alongside the artists as they demonstrate their craft. It's a unique opportunity to witness their skills in action, ask questions, and even try your hand at creating something yourself. Don't miss out on this immersive experience celebrating art and creativity.

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Friday, June 28th Schedule

12 PM

2 PM

3 PM

Audrey Stirling EIA 4 Emerging Iowa Artist


Lisa Ellingworth EIA 1 Emerging Iowa Artist


Micah Ferin EIA 2 Emerging Iowa Artist

Mixed Media

Artist Booth Number Key: 

L=Locust St       G=Grand       Ave S= South       N=North 

E=East      W=West        C=Corner        EIA=Emerging Iowa Artist Tent 

Example: LS37C = Booth 37 on a corner on the south side of Locust St. 

Friday Artist Demonstrations Information


Audrey Stirling

Friday June 28, 12 PM, EIA 4

Drawing on her experience in metalworking and jewelry making, Audrey will demonstrate how to create a beaded wire bracelet.


Lisa Ellingworth

Friday June 28, 2PM, EIA 1

Lisa will demonstrate the skills needed to successfully use a camera in manual mode.


Micah Ferin

Friday June 28, 3 PM, EIA 2

Micah will showcase his techniques in drawing and painting, layering imagery, and his process of approaching artwork.

Saturday Artist Demonstrations Information


Xavier Nuez

Saturday June 29, 11 AM, GN33C

With a focus on photographing at night, Xavier will demonstrate how he lights his subjects during long exposures using main lights and various miscellaneous objects.


Laura Baring-Gould

Saturday June 29, 11:45 AM, GS32C

Laura will share historical and contemporary images of bronze and copper casting process followed by a hands-on activity to create personal talismans in thin sheet copper. The demonstration will allow for a collective appreciation of ancient techniques to transform and patina copper while also allowing each participant to create something personal and meaningful.


Thomas Martin

Saturday June 29, 12:30 PM, GS28

Thomas will share the tools he uses to create his graphite drawings and the process of using them. During this demonstration, he will also answer questions while continuing to draw live.


Gedion Nyanhongo

Saturday June 29, 1 PM, LN1C

Gedion will showcase his hand carving skills, using stone from Zimbabwe and no power tools.


Jaana Mattson

Saturday June 29, 1:15 PM, LN12

Using wisps of dyed sheep's wool roving and a felting needle, Jaana will demonstrate how to build layers of color into a vibrant felted landscape textile.


Andy Rogers

Saturday June 29, 1:30 PM, LS29

Drawing on his experience with wheel thrown and altered porcelain sculptures, Andy will be demonstrating how to throw pottery on a potter's wheel.


Cali Hobgood

Saturday June 29, 2 PM, LN24C

Cali will be demonstrating the techniques of hand-coloring black and white photographs.


Carly McCoy

Saturday June 29, 3:15 PM, EIA 3

Using a camera, tripod, and a few items, Carly will shoot a small still-life. During this demonstration, Carly will talk about her process, approach, and a few technical elements of using the camera.


Richard Gruchalla & Carrin Rosetti

Saturday June 29, 3:25 PM, GS10

Richard will showcase his skills through a wheel thrown pottery demonstration with the incorporation of some carving and surface decoration techniques.


Heath Wheeldon

Saturday June 29, 3:45 PM, EIA 5

Heath will showcase the process of cutting linoleum as well as showcasing printmaking on a piece of paper.


Lori Betz

Saturday June 29, 4 PM, GN42C

Using her diverse mold-making experience, Lori will demonstrate how to sculpt an eye.

Sunday Artist Demonstrations Information


George Ceffalio

Sunday June 30, 11:30 AM, GS20

George will demonstrate the beginning of an oil painting, starting from an abstract concept to a well defined under painting.


Ronna Katz

Sunday June 30, 12 PM, LN5

Ronna will showcase unusual ‘tools’ that you can use in your paintings for unique effects. Through this demonstration, Ronna will teach you how to think beyond your paintbrush through additive and subtractive processes.


Jimmy Navarro

Sunday June 30, 12:30 PM, LS33C

Come watch Jimmy as he captures the city's essence. Transforming a canvas with the pulse of Des Moines, one stroke at a time.


Ella Richards

Sunday June 30, 3 PM, GS38C

Ella will go over the steps in her artistic process, show drawings, cuttings, and gluing the image. During this demonstration, she will talk a little about her inspiration.

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